First in-app visualisations

We decided to use augmented reality to (fuzzy) visualize the georeferenced location of underground cables and pipes using a tablet computer. In the last months we have informed Recognize about what we want to see and the way want to see it. We are still developing, but the figures below depict the first in-app results.

preview-full-Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 12.26.12

Colouring of the pipes and cables according to IMKL 2015 format

Some utilities are intersecting due the fact we enlarged the size of the pipes and cables in the fuzzy visualisation.


Visualization of a single pipe with the position of the device

Testing on location

After tweeking some of the features, we could test the application on our project location. Below are some figures that depict the test results on the Oostplein, Rotterdam




Although there are still things that could be improved, we are satisfied with the first results.